If I could get your attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, please.

Now, don't worry, you can all go back to drinking and complaining about the commute to your summer homes in just a second.

I want to talk to you for just a moment about the purpose of this evening, why you're here, other than the fact that someone you consider socially desirable invited you.

Half a mile from here, there are 30 young Novices sleeping on a concrete floor, dedicating themselves to the social mission of our movement.

They are sacrificing and slaving to make a haven for the homeless of this city, the sick, the disabled, the forgotten, the people you walk past every day in the street and avert your eyes.

We are intervening, making a difference, saving lives.

It takes conscience.

It takes commitment.

An unwillingness to turn away.

That's why I'm asking you right now, all of you, to reach into your pockets and give.

Give deeply.

Consider … consider how little that money means to you.

It's another status handbag, some obscenely expensive bottle of wine you buy and show off at a dinner party.

To the people we're helping, it could mean the difference between life and death.

All right?