The Preacher

TV Series Season 1 Episode 4

Sermon Speech of Jesse Custer


I want to thank you all for coming out this morning.

I know it's not always easy to get here on a Sunday.

Kids don't want to get dressed.

Lawn needs mowing.

Doing laundry, paying bills.


It's been a long week, and you got another one starting up tomorrow, so thank you.

Besides, and here's the real reason it ain't easy getting here, and that's, "What good's it gonna do?" Right? I mean, look at this world.

You turn on the radio, surf the Internet.

Heck, look out your dang window.

It's crazy out there.

You've got wars in every direction, bombs going off in coffee shops and schools.

Folks scared to hug each other on account of some new disease.


The world is turning to shit.

And you know what? It's all your fault.

You've turned your back on the Lord.

Your despair has caused you to lose faith, embrace false idols.

But these idols, these things They won't save you.

Your whisky won't save you.

Your money won't save you.

Sex, love, romance They will not save you.

Your parents, your precious little children, that 55-inch flat-screen TV out there? Nothing.

Nothing will save you.

You are sinners.

You have strayed.

You have forgotten the power of the Lord.

But it's not too late.

I'm here to remind you that starting today …

No …

starting right now…

I'm going to bring you back to God, one by one.

Beginning with one man amongst us who has strayed furthest.

God wants you back, Mr. Quincannon.

Serve him and you will go out in joy, be led forth in peace.


The mountains and hills will burst into song before you.

And all the trees in the field will clap their hands.

I ask you now 

Will you serve God?