Ivor's Speech

My people, you are all welcome to the table.

It is important to us that everyone here feels involved in the life of our great town.

Kattegat has grown.

It is now a huge trading station, the greatest trading station in Scandinavia.

Kattegat has changed since my father's time.

In those days, he knew everyone and he was happy to share his power with those he knew and trusted, of course.

My father gave me this responsibility.

And our father, Odin, gave me this responsibility.

I have accepted it, and I ask you to trust me.

We cannot allow everyone to vote on everything which affects our kingdom.

We have a duty to protect it! I have a duty to protect it! So We have to change the rules. 

People I trust will vote on

land issues,

matrimonial matters,

murder inquiries,

things that YOU do not need to worry about. 

Because I will take care of you.

I will lead you!


What is truly important is to know who we are!

And who is with us,

and who is against us.

And we know who we are, don't we?


Yes, we do!

So now it is time to find out those who threaten us,

who is against us.

Maybe it is your neighbour.

Perhaps it is someone you know.

A family member.

A brother.

A son.

They talk about me.

They whisper that I am the enemy.

But, of course, THEY are the enemy.

They want to destroy our kingdom.

They want to encourage our enemies to attack us and invade us!

Is that what you want?


Do you want me to protect you?


Do you want me to destroy them?

Yes! Yes! Yes!