1. Set up a Model United Nations (MUN) club and participate in an MUN Conference:
  2. Set up a School Debate Club
  3. Organise Inter-School Debates
  4. Organise Debates against Teachers and Parents
  5. Invite accomplished guest speakers such as politicians
  6. Hold Declamation Contests
  7. Provide Public Speaking Training Modules (e.g. on structuring speeches, improving delivery, introducing humour, using figures of speech)
  8. Host a TEDxYouth Event
  9. Participate in Public Speaking Competitions e.g. Humorous Speeches/Persuasive Speeches/Inspirational Speeches/Informative Speeches (5-7 minute speeches)
  10. Introduce Impromptu Speaking Challenges e.g. 'Just a Minute' Quiz Game or one minute mini-speeches on random topics with no preparation time