We will have a press team working throughout the conference. The press team watches out for interesting news stories. It produces a newsletter reporting on resolutions discussed, heated debates, etc...

The newspaper will be published electronically at the end of the day - it will contain articles about what has been happening around the conference and other features to keep people talking. 


  • to produce media content prior to the conference
  • to organise media content for the opening ceremony
  • to document and publicise events during the conference (e.g. declamation contest, opening and closing ceremony)
  • to produce a newspaper during the conference reporting on the interesting discussions taking place (political analysis)

The Press Team students should be interested in:

  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Editing 

Importance of Press Team Role:

  • the press team adds a strong democratic feel to the conference
  • everyone on the team is responsible to help with the deadline for the newsletter - it should be ready to be presented in the closing ceremony